Child Support Enforcement

The LaSalle County State’s Attorney’s Office believes that all parents have the responsibility to support their children and is committed to enforcing past due child support obligations owed by non-custodial parents to their children through its Child Support Enforcement Program.

There are specific guidelines that the LaSalle County State’s Attorney’s Office must follow before they can intervene in a case to attempt to collect past due child support. The main guidelines are listed below:

  • The person required to pay the child support MUST live in the State of Illinois.
  • The person obligated to pay support is NOT remarried to you or is currently living with you.
  • Your divorce or child support file is located in LaSalle County.
  • An order to pay child support through the LaSalle County Circuit Clerk or the Illinois State Disbursement Unit has been entered by a Judge.
  • The person receiving support must NOT be receiving Public Aid.

If your situation meets the above guidelines for the Child Support Enforcement Program, please call the LaSalle County State’s Attorney at (815) 434-8340, to begin the enforcement process.

If you do not meet the guidelines set forth above, you may contact a private attorney to represent you. You may also contact the Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services, for issues such as establishing child support payments, increasing child support, establishing paternity, or other issues relating to paternity or child support. You may contact them at 1-800-447-4278 or you may visit their web-site at

If you have questions as to the amount of child support owed, when the last payment was made or other questions regarding payments, you may contact the LaSalle County Circuit Clerk’s Office, Child Support Division at 815-433-0774 or the Illinois State’s Disbursement Unit at 1-877-225-7077 or you may visit their web-site at

Circuit Clerk

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