On January 22, 2016, the Illinois Supreme Court entered Order M.R. 18368 announcing mandatory electronic filing (e-filing) for civil cases in the Illinois Supreme, Appellate and Circuit Courts. The Supreme Court Order requires e-filing through a single, centralized electronic filing manager (EFM), which will be integrated with each court's case management system.

Mandatory statewide e-filing marks the latest step in the Court's ongoing efforts of using technology to make the judicial system more efficient. E-filing will streamline the process for filing documents — conserving environmental resources and time while generating long-term cost savings. Read the press release »

Electronic Service Providers provide an online service to help you file your documents and act as the intermediary between the filer and e-filing system (the Courts).  A number of certified electronic filing service providers (EFSP) will be available based on your needs.

The Circuit Clerk's mandate was effective January 1, 2018.  For more information on the state-wide project, click here.

For the convenience of the public, we have provided three (3) eFile stations in our Civil Division.  Technical assistance for eFiling is available from our staff.